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                                       A$TSON Collection

                         Arithmetic's $ports The Science of Numbers


Arithmetic’s $ports is a streetwear apparel brand that strives to incorporate the mathematical functions into your everyday lifestyle. We offer high quality garments with a positive message. We are heavy in the sneaker culture and offer our designs to be custom colored to match your retro or latest kicks. We've created a streetwear brand in the aspiration of wealth by way of clothing, accessories, graphic art and music. 

Although, math plays an important role in our every day life, our company’s philosophy is not based solely on the traditional meaning of the mathematical functions. Arithmetic’s $ports believes that if you were to SUBTRACT the negative energy and ADD positive influences, it would provide an opportunity for stronger partnerships and healthier friendships to form and MULTIPLY. Once one has the partnerships and friendships needed to become successful, they can then DIVIDE their time to help and empower others.

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